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TDG tailors professional traffic management and control solutions to meet the needs of government bodies and large and small business. The team at TDG are experienced and committed and provide the following key Services.

Traffic Diversions Group is recognized as a leading supplier of detailed Traffic Guidance Scheme (TMP) that either meet or exceed Australian standards. In an increasingly busy road and traffic environment, a traffic management plan is required by road authorities or Councils before any on-road activity can commence.

We scope and produce traffic control plans in a timely manner to meet our client requirements to ensure minimal delays for the commuters on our road network and maximum time for our clients to undertake the works.

Our team are qualified and have the certification of RIICWD503D. they have the expertise in the use of specialised industry software applications such as Rapid Plan well as the Near Map subscription-based satellite imagery application, giving us the most current aerial images available for the planning of TGS plans.

Traffic Diversions Group plans division specializes in drafting traffic plans specific to any project, from straightforward temporary one-lane closures through to major closures and detours required for events and freeway works.

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At TDG protecting people is our number one priority. Whether it’s our own staff, our employers and their people, co-contractors, or the general public, TDG is 100% committed to keeping everyone safe whilst in the workplace environment.

TDG actively uses the Hierarchy of Controls and other risk mitigation strategies when planning and implementing traffic control solutions for our clients. We strive toward a firm goal of “no accidents, anytime, anywhere” and our management, team leaders, and staff have safety at top of mind.

Our experienced team leaders are encouraged to be proactive whilst on site and are accredited to modify a traffic management plan or specific set up if it affords the opportunity of a safer and more WHS and environmentally compliant worksite.

TDG maintains a fleet of over 200 specialised Traffic management vehicles that meet or exceed Australian Standards.

All vehicles are late model and equipped with all requirements for each job.
The TDG vehicle fleet is constantly upgraded and maintained at the highest state of readiness to ensure that a reliable and cost-effective vehicle solution can be tailored to meet any project or budget.

TDG can provide
✓ Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) for crew
✓ shadowing and additional crew safety at busy worksites,
✓ High-deck and custom low-deck fully equipped work trucks with integrated B Class arrow boards
✓ 1-tonne vehicles with integrated B Class arrow boards and signage for smaller projects
✓ Trailer-mounted hydraulic C Class arrow boards for highway work
✓ Trailer-mounted VMS boards
✓ Other site-specific equipment as required

TDG has established strong working relationships with numerous Federal and local government bodies and Australia’s largest civil construction companies.

We see ourselves as an integral part of our partner’s ongoing success and to this end, TDG constantly works toward adding value, tailoring our services and listening to our clients to better understand their needs and contribute toward creating a safer and more efficient workplace.

Accredited Traffic Controllers and Team Leaders

TDG has over 500 qualified and licensed traffic controllers on call. Our staff are experienced, well trained, professional and accredited. In addition, many staff are also certified with Level 2 First Aid and Cert 3 in construction.

All TDG staff have extensive field experience and are fully accredited with latest accreditation in addition to holding a current construction Industry Card (formerly Red Card). TDG staff adhere to a strict PPE code at all times.

TDG operates a documented zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, which combined with regular screening, ensures that we provide the best, most capable staff on any given Project.

TDG is committed to providing ongoing training for all personnel.

We provide regular in-house training to keep our staff informed of new developments in the industry, changes in legislation and regulations, toolbox talks, safety information and other training applicable to individual roles. We ensure all our staff are familiar with workplace health and safety requirements and correct use of personal protective equipment and all other equipment used in their work activities.

A key initiative for our frontline personnel has been training in stakeholder engagement. On a recent project, all traffic management personnel were briefed about the concerns of local residents and trained in strategies to navigate these issues prior to commencing work onsite. This training was reinforced with daily toolbox meetings and backup from the management team to ensure that the project values were upheld at all times. The result was helping the principal contractor to meet their performance objectives and led to the award of further work for our team.